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Would love to get your ideas for what you’d like to see on the blog! Feel free to cast your vote and make any comments below. Thanks!


Happy Holidays from Maniera Institute of Style.

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Wishing everyone a joyous and safe holiday. For the month of January we would like to offer a 10% discount on all courses!

Studying with Maniera Institute of Style, you will transform from being an amateur avatar into a knowledgeable model. We will provide you with enough information that will lead you in the right direction into becoming a top SL Model!

PRICE:  4995L$
Within Maniera Institute of Style we provide 3 semesters that consists of 4 weeks of intense training. There will be a maximum of 2-3 lessons per week, that will be a 90 min lesson.


SEMESTER 1: Class 1: Intro to Modeling

-Ice breaker
-Introduction about company
-Tell a little about yourself – Profile viewing
(Home Work: Prepare a casting call introduction)
*Profile and Full Body pictures to be sent to Maniera College Button

Class 2: Getting Started

– Quick Change Folders
– Organizing Inventory Folders
– Static and animation poses
– Model huds
(Home work: 3 quick files that vary)

Class 3: -Styling Your Avatar!!
Lesson by Maniera’s CEO Topaz Joubert

– Shape
– Skins

By the end of Semester 1 you will gain all the knowledge you need to know in how to prepare your avatar when ready to use the runway. You will also  have an understanding on techniques used during fashion shows.

ADVANCED begins – PRICE 3750L$

Class 1: Styling Part 1
Evaluation by Topaz
– Styling (how to make your avatar unique)

Class 2: Styling Part 2

-Prim attachments
-Editing Prims (belts, hair, etc)
*Photos will be taken for evaluation of your shape/skin
*Arrangements to enhance avatar with Topaz

Prepare for *styling challenge and
*mock casting   –  what is avant garde?
– what is haute couture?

Haute couture is a certification from french government. Only 12 registered designers  has hit this levels in the world.

Students will take the Modavia catalog and choose 3 designers to match to RL designers.
Take and RL picture from the fashion world and recreate in SL, Mel,  Topaz or Sami will judge)

Class 3: Styling Part 3

*styling challenge
*mock casting   –  what is advant garde?
– what is haute couture?

* Name 3 different types of fashions

By the end of Semester 2 you will know the details into making your avatar unique and stand out. You will know what to do when buying clothes,  given clothes for a show or photoshoot and being able to edit prims to fit your unique shape of your avatar. This is very important to know when modeling.

SEMESTER 3:  Transforming into a model   Part 1

Class 1: Insight into Modeling Industry

-How to get your face out there
-Putting your portfolio together
-Other means of media to advertise your work (flickr, moolto)
– Transforming into a model  Part 2
-Career consultation (where you are now? what next steps to take)
-Flickr Accounts

Class 2: Runway

-Runway (how to perform on and off the runway)
– Poses used
-Lag tips
-Camera skills
– Tips on how to walk straight
– Practice runway

Class 3:  Runway
– Practice runway
– Putting the useful tips into play

By the end of Semester 3 you will be ready for the modeling industry. We will prepare you for interview and castings by helping you create a well presented portfolio. Your first castings are always nerve wrecking and by doing a mock casting we will help you to feel prepared and letting you know what to expect when taking part in a casting. We really want you to shine out from the rest!

Class 4: Runway
-Practice runway
-Putting the useful tips into play

Class 5: Graduation
– Dress Runway Practice

Class 6: Graduation
-Graduation show   (To be Announced)

During the lessons we will keep a file on each student which will hold information on how you have progress from beginning to end. This even means having a before and after photoshoot!

*** there is no guaranteed placement within the agency after graduation which is why we must stress that you work as hard as possible during your time training within Maniera.   We will place every model in our Maniera Group for invites to events, job listings, and future placement.

RiFi Emporium has announced this month’s Winner of their Monthly “Out and About in a RiFi Contest.”

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RiFi Emporium announced this month’s contest winner for their monthly modeling/ photography contest, “Out and About in a RiFi.”  Very exciting, it’s a new month, a new fresh face, all the possibilities.

Please check out the full release here on RiFi’s website: http://rifiemporium.wordpress.com/2009/10/07/rifi-emporium-announces-octobers-out-and-about-in-a-rifi-contest-winner/

Total Fusion Mix & Mingle Hunt Update

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Today begins the 2nd week of the Total Fusion Mix & Mingle Hunt with over 120 top designer gifts for you to seek out from notables such as Luck Inc, Leezu, LostAngel Industries, Aitui, & Beauty Avatar to name a few.

Skins, shapes, accessories, and more all available.

The Hunt’s had over 17,000+ blog hits since its release last week, this hunt is the most highly anticipated of the year. Don’t miss your chance, and start your journey @ Luck Inc today!

Read FULL post here: http://totalfusionmixandmingle.wordpress.com

Here’s the SLURL to Get Started on the hunt: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Luck%20Inc/71/130/22

Have fun 😀

Sookie Triellis

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Hi! Everyone so the goal of this paragraph should be to describe myself. Well to do that I must begin with how I came to be in SL as this is a contest in SL. Well I am 22 and am already a Divorcee. I came into SL because one of my RL best friends who is also like my sister conned me into SL by saying she spent most of her time in SL anymore. Secretly I think she was tired of me moping around the house. I try to treat everyone with respect , kindness, loyalty, and with trust. There are few people I do not get along with and usualy its because of a misunderstanding that they do not like me. I grew up in the military life my father was in the air force and that lifestyle has shaped how i see the world. We are not just indiviuals but we are a community and we should all try to help eachother out. I am a believer in supporting our troops no matter if you believe in the war at hand or not they need our help to maintain some form of normalacy. Thanks for your time!

Slowly Bury

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Lets talk about S&S.S&S? Slowly and Susan. One in the same. I believe that an avatar is only a reflection of a true self that sometimes can be masked or for the brave should prosonified. about me: In my first life, yes 1st no “real”. I am a proud student an honor student, who is dedicating my life for the good of people by pursuing a degree in sociolgy. I currently work for a homeless family shelter and spend most of my time trying to help improve the quality of daily living, some which some take for granted. I started playing Sl in 2007 after losing a job,YIKES((may explain the name a bit))! but what i found is that it helped me explore more of my 1st life intrest,in creativity, ie, photogaphy and constructing shapes from faces by eye. One of my greatest stenghs as a person is to keep moving ahead with a smile some sarcasim but most of all humor! If my avatar could relect my self one would never seem me with out a smile and a positive outlook. weakness wise i would say my attention to detail and concentration has been a road block at times,but with good thinking and will i have not been able to never stop. Lastly my true personality is about fun, but most of love self and others. As of now my mottos are these ” never stop smiling.” and “that does not kill you makes you stranger.’


Gloria Sibilla

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Well, let’s start with name, country and age.
I’m Gloria, 23 years old and I come from north Italy.

A very curious person, who likes to discover everything she can and that’s why I’m on SL.
I won’t hide that, during my first steps in here, I looked at SL in a strage and sarcastic way.
To be honest, I tried to come here to understand how people could find another ego in a virtual world, believing that behind the mask, every player had to hidden his weaknesses and to run away from their RL.
And that’s true, SL is the way I do run away for a while from difficulties, the way I can talk to someone who, maybe, in some moments can help me more than “true” peple.
But…next to this, it’s ma way for having fun!
I always loved to play Barbie dolls… and Sibilla is my personal doll ^^

Describing me is not easy, I rarely understand who I am 🙂
Pretty ambitious, a little mistrusting but very honest. Talkative (except when angry), with a good sense of humour and always ready to help people.
But the 2 words that can describe me the best are : enthusiastic and lazy. Fortunately enthusiasm normally beats laziness!!

RL I do organize events and I do act, I have a gorgeous and lovely boyfriend, a nice family, a few but very very important friends and a sweet dog.
I worked a lot, travelled a lot and lived 2 years in France…
What can I ask more?
My goal is to be just as I am, to improve and to grow up, because I still need to grow up a lot…but I believe I’m on the right way!

Ty for reading this little piece of me ^^

rhian Milena

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I am the girl next door with a fierce temper at times. I am petite, I lil bit of mish moshed. Reserved at times, semi funny, sweet and sassy. I am very flexible and flows with the wind.. Very dedicated, trustworthy and loyal. I wear my heart on my sleeve Times i dont have enough confidence in myself and unfocus. I like to do one thing nice for someone each day without asking for anything in return.

I my objectives in SL/RL to become a better person and to grow from each experience. I love modeling and taking classes to learn. Would like to open my own store some day. This is my fun times, to escape from reality. But always knows that RL does come first

I love meeting new friends in SL, we all have our own reasons for being in SL. Most of them dont understand that my RL hubby is in SL, both of us have a separate lives and dont hang out with each other. Find it strange both of us are partnered with someone different. To accept each other.

I like being with my freinds and family. Lounging at home watching a good movie or sitting back to read a book. Talking long walks.